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Between Two Gardens
Soul Music

Soul Music

"And no man could learn that song but the hundred and forty and four thousand, which were redeemed from the earth." —Revelation 14:3

There are songs that can only be learned by trial.

No instructor can teach them.

No composer can express them.

Because the tune is in the soul.

It’s an experiential song about personal redemption.

The Apostle John says here, that in heaven, there is a song only sung by the sons of men— to the tune “Redemption.” Without a doubt, it is a song of triumph. A psalm of victory to Christ who has made the soul free indeed! (Jon. 8:36) But the sense of triumph must come from somewhere, some event? How are voices raised so high unless fueled by memory? There must be, somehow in heaven, the sanctified memory of bondage. Because no angel, no archangel, can sing it so sweetly as a redeemed soul. Even angels do not know this tune…because they have never been redeemed. To sing this song requires the misery of sin,

the inexplicable wonder of personal redemption,

and praise to God for such deliverance.

None can learn this song but the children of the cross.

And so, dear soul, have you received this divine music lesson? Do you know true soul music? Are you being instructed in the minor chords of sin and misery and the major chords of redemption and love? If so, then know that there are parts in that heavenly choir that none can sing but you.

There are chords too low for the angels,

too high for the seraphs,

but wonderfully fit for a poor sinner.

Is the Holy Spirit training you for a song angels cannot sing? Perhaps you’re learning new bars of that tune even now. Some say God sends sorrow to test the heart. But I wonder if He doesn’t send them to train the voice. To train the soul for the choir triumphant.

If you are His, then He is writing your song in your darkest hours.

In the valley, He is tuning your voice.

In the night, He is warming your chords.

In the storm, He is enriching your harmony.

In the rain, He is sweetening your melody.

In them all, He is teaching you the words.

Don't despise the Divine music lessons of life, dear soul. It will give you a unique part in the new song of heaven


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