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A Preposition that Makes All the Difference

A Preposition that Makes All the Difference

"To reveal his Son in me." Galatians 1:16

Paul says it pleased the LORD to reveal His Son "in" him. Why in him? Why not, "to" him? It’s here that we see the power of a preposition.

You see, Paul is speaking autobiographically.

The blinding light on his road was physical.

It was a vision to his eyes.

But that is not where the revelation came.

It came to his heart. It was inward.

Thus, he says, “To reveal His Son in me.”

Think for a moment, is a beautiful piece of music only external? Sure, it’s heard with the ears, but it strikes, moves, melts, and strengthens from within. When music resonates, it touches the inward parts. So it was with Paul when he was introduced to the one Whose beauty is fairer than the children of men. I have often envied those who were allowed to look upon Christ, see love from His eyes, and hear the thrill of His voice. Yet the Lord said to Peter on the mount of transfiguration, "Flesh and blood hath not revealed it unto thee." (Matt. 16:17) It was not the eye that saw Christ’s glory, it was not the ear that heard the sound; it was the soul, the heart. Nothing was revealed to him but in him. A preposition makes all the difference.

Dear one, we need more than an audible voice, more than a blinding light, more than a perceptible sensation. We must pray, "Lord, open my spiritual eyes, unstop spiritual ears, that the melodies and the harmonies of the Gospel may be revealed in me. It is in Thy light that I shall see light. Lord, turn my ears to eyes so that I may see Christ.”

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